20% off DrumDrops Label Sampler

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If you like drums, and I think everyone enjoys some drums, check this out: Save 20% on DrumDrops Label Sampler pack at Loopmasters.

“If you’re really into sound you will appreciate the classic vintage equipment used: Pultec, Neve, Fairchild, Telefunken, spring and EMT Plate Reverbs and other costly real time effects. Sample the best recorded Drum Tracks in the business, get to know Drumdrops.

And don’t forget use the included coupon codes for a 20% discount off the price of each product.

This sampler features 200 Loops from 5 of our top selling sample packs all recorded in 24Bit 44.1khz Including:

  • Compact Disco
  • Fistful Of Drummers Vol. 2
  • Funk Drops
  • Indie Rock Songwriters Series
  • Temple Of Boom”

Sale ends July 2nd.