5 Video Game Soundtracks Inspired by Electronic Music

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Silent Hill 2 (2001) – Moving away from colorful 16-bit landscapes and straight into the belly of pure insanity, the Silent Hill games are each pretty terrifying experiences. The first 3 titles are true masterpieces of storytelling, but Silent Hill 2 shows the series’ original composer, Akira Yamaoka, at the very top of his game.

Yamaoka works with various styles here, from alt rock, to somber ambient soundscapes, to horrifying industrial noise, to dreary trip hop beats. The trip hop beats are clearly influenced by the British band Portishead, one of the pioneers of the style (after Massive Attack invented it), who fuse gloomy electronic textures, lo-fi breaks and the ghostly singing of vocalist Beth Gibbons for their sonic concoctions.

Several songs Yamaoka has done with collaborating vocalist Mary Elizabeth McGlynn actually sound quite a bit like Portishead, especially “Letter from the Lost Days” from Silent Hill 3, a dead ringer of the Portishead sound.

Some of the best trip hop beats from Silent Hill 2 are “Alone in the Town,” “Null Moon” and “Heaven’s Night.”