Beatport Announces Mixes

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Beatport has launched the beta version of Mixes, a new section of the main site that offers DJs the ability to legally upload and sell their mixes. Now you can sell DJ mixes that are completely legal and DRM-free, with even the proper royalties for songs used in the mix being allocated to the appropriate labels and performing rights organizations. However, the catch is that in order to have royalties paid and the tracks listed in your mix, you have to have purchased all of the songs from Beatport. Not too bad considering that 10% of sales will be going to the DJ and the rest to pay label royalties, etc.

It’s pretty clear that Beatport won’t make a quick buck on this, so I’m not really sure what to make of it. With so many podcasts, music blogs, and websites out there distributing DJ mixes, I really don’t see the need. In fact, it’s just another way for DJ Joe Wannabe to flood the internet with even more terrible music.

I have to admit that Beatport is certainly the leading distributor of electronic dance music, but I have to say that as of late, I really can’t keep track of all their “mini” sites. Between Beatport Play, DJ, Sounds, and now Mixes, I think they are losing their way.

All in all, it’s another part of their portal that I won’t visit. Does anyone think their bringing down what was so unique about EDM and the culture in general, or is it just me?