David Alvarado, House Music’s Best Kept Secret

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Bomb Records, Definitive Records and Los Angeles have one man in common, David Alvarado. Not only has the electronic world been proud to have him as part of their culture, but how do you keep one of the best producers and routine dj a secret? What adds to his mystery is the fact that you can search and search and the information you find is limited. Alvarado has crafted tracks for labels Ovum, Ultra, Strictly Rhythm, Yoshitoshi, Plastic City and Peace Frog. What I have found is that as a citizen of Idaho, his L.A. trickery has flare. Imagine the liquid condensation, dripping down into a color dying machine…stay with me here. Infused with the hinted homeland were his debut radiated across an international landscape. Traveling far and wide to bring the only thing that matters to us…music.

If at anytime you lived in L.A. and attended the quiet call to the loud house parties that fueled the underground sub-culture, David Alvarado was there branding his signature style into the eyes, bodies and minds of anyone who would listen. After Richie Hawtin and John Acquaviva of Plus 8 took David under their wing, there was no turning back. How could you, at this present time embarking on the international circuit to establish your sense of fulfillment. So, after asking him to be part of Definitive Records, where such artists as Ulisses Nunes, Sahar Z and SuperSkank reign the region. After taking lift off and achieving and creating friendships that would lead him to opening in legendary clubs like the Panorama Bar and The Hacienda.

Now with the hard work and effort it takes to raise to a certain status. None of this, give us your talent and we will turn you into some pop star. These are the real men of the game, battling out beats that bring the audience to a standing ovation.

Alvarado releases his own music on his own Estooj, as well as lending his head popping, hip swerving skills to the L.A. label Historia Y Violencia. Without hardly stopping he continuously tours world-wide. Some consider him the creator of hybrid material. Being able to control his unique sound into a time lapse of unstoppable commotion, trapping in a sound that could only be sustained by fusing technologies into a new millennial.

The podcast series Las Americas is called the new world, entrancing the old. If this series is not critically acclaimed, then we will just have to make it so. Not only does the lastest installment feature his dear friends but throughout the second and third, the radical shift in personality treads on the dark side of the psyche. Giving techno a general understanding of what it was meant to be, with the rougher cuts that attracted attention in the first place. No polishing or cleanliness on these cycles. Just pure, raw, uninterrupted trances for your delightful pleasure.

So get back in touch with your former self that originally got into techno for the right reasons. Non of this Skillrex stuff that’s being released now. Go to the right DJ’s that know how to produce not only quality and quantity ,but an up-bringing that makes you feel apart of the process.

You can go to to hear all his podcasts and stay in touch with his future productions.