Delectable Records Complextro Fragments 01

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Delectable Records has released Complextro Fragments 01, a collection of 300 audio fragments, shots, and drops for complextro music production.

If you’re a producer looking to get amongst the ultra-clear transparent metallic, yet weighty sonic landscape of Complextro, with its glitched up ear biscuits and melodic effervescence, then this new collection from Delectable Records – Complextro Fragments Vol. 1, will get you well on your way!

Drawing its inspiration extensively from artists and producer influences including Porter Robinson, Madeon, Wolfgang Gartner, Heartstopper, DJ’s Fin’lk, Curtis B and Stefan Darbuck – Complextro Fragments Vol.1 takes pride in delivering a supremely well-crafted and effective set of production tools for producers of this genre à la mode!

But Complextro Fragments Vol.1 is a ‘go to’ resource offering a thoughtful selection of audio ingredients for producers of Tech House, Electro House and DubStep, or any producer looking for sonic ear candy, and audio DNA capable of progressing your sound design experiments!