Feel Me by Atlas

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atlas_feel me

Sticking to the synthetic wave that transcends eras of predominant feedback. Atlas who are a three piece band consisting of Luke Fantom, Rem Sutton and Emily Harris from Leeds, England. With Emily lending her voice to the soft edged background of a Skins like story line. I examined this fact by their latest video for Feel Me. Making you feel as if you had been out all night listening to the same track on repeat for an endless amount of time. And that’s what music is about, time. Giving a name to the figure of speech consisting of nothing more than that question we tend to ask ourselves with all that time to think about. A sense of perpetual freedom.  Atlas bring an atmosphere similar to The XX, which makes me ask the question, how talented are these individuals who spend an excess amount of ideas with the machinery that leaves us wanting more. Which gives me the right to ask the question how will is the music scene flourishing in England? With these hidden entrepreneurs bringing to life an exquisite taste to the border to this year’s evolution of music.

Could these bands be the identity of a new calling. Whether it’s a Moog Synth or a loop track that has recorded voices put together to create a masterpiece. An urban relinquish nocturnal bond, not only with the few basement like places Atlas has played. But in the echoed night of those wondering about deep in thought or just as we all are, deep in life. Feel Me brings in that homely recognition, using beats familiar to the sounds we hear outside our window when we can’t seem to fall asleep. Easing our minds to an awake jumble of yesteryear and imaginative memory.