Focusrite releases iTrack Solo for iPad

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Focusrite has released iTrack Solo for iPad as well as for Mac and PC.

iTrack Solo is a dual-input audio interface designed for recording instruments and vocals, bringing Focusrite versatility and sound quality to the world of iPad audio recording. iTrack Solo is designed to be a companion for any singer/songwriter wanting to take their demos to the next level. The interface is compatible with GarageBand and other popular recording apps, and it can be used on a Mac or PC with up to 24- bit/96kHz digital performance.

iTrack Solo features a professional, low-distortion, low-noise Focusrite microphone preamp as used in Focusrite’s flagship Liquid Saffire 56 interface. Phantom power allows the use of top-quality studio microphones, and alongside the microphone input on the front panel there’s an instrument input that is designed for guitar and bass.

A supplied cable connects iTrack Solo to the iPad, powered by the included USB cable that delivers the power necessary to run the iTrack’s high-specification components. There is also a pair of phono connectors on the rear panel for connecting an audio system for playback.

Key Features:

  • High-quality Focusrite microphone input iTrack Solo draws on Focusrite’s 25 years of expertise in high-performance pro-audio.
  • Made for iPad (MFi). Compatible with Mac OS X and Windows Record with many apps including GarageBand – with up to 24-bit, 96kHz sampling.
  • Direct connections for microphone and instrument Plug electric, electro-acoustic or bass guitar and microphone into the front panel to record in pristine quality.
  • Signal halos for level and clip indication Two lights surround the input level knobs to ensure that recording is done at the correct volume.
  • Connect directly to a loudspeaker system Rear panel phono connectors provide line level outputs to an audio system for playback.

Price: $199.