Listen to Daniela La Luz – Did You Ever EP

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Born and raised in Germany, Daniela La Luz has returned to Berlin’s Housewax imprint with a new four-track EP. 

On Did You Evers a-side, Daniela gently hypnotizes you with soul-burnt vocal samples over sultry chords and Detroit style drum-machine rhythms. The overall results are  low-swung and moody deep house affairs. The flip side leads with Red in the Sky, which follows along a similar formula, but is reshaped with percussive drums and funky basslines that are perfect for those after-hour sets. Closing out the affair with Walking In The Snow, Daniela ditches the chords in exchange for a generous helping of percussive drums and a more mechanical sound of crunchy drum-machine patterns along with deep synths laid on top.

The EP is due out in June and will be available on vinyl.