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Loopport is a new portal that provides a wide range of loops, from drum loops to orchestral riffs, leads, basslines, and much more. These are mostly designed with specific genres in mind – some of those listed are dubstep, hip hop, house, techno and electro – but there’s a little something for everyone among this collection, and it’s worth it to explore each pack’s sampler audio to get a feel for what’s included.

When it comes to the loops themselves, there’s some solid material to get into, especially considering that many of these packs are free. For the amateur producer looking to get serious about making music there are some interesting melodies and textures to work with, and they’re all of good quality. There are even some beat packs that feature some premade beats with their own intros and all, which is perfect for very beginners looking to learn about what making beats is like. There are tools for all levels of experience, which means that beginners will have plenty to work with from this site alone before branching out to other sources.

If you’re looking to dig into their entire premium collection you can subscribe to their service to have access to more than 16,000 loops, samples and MIDI sequences for $19.99 a month, $29.99 for 3 months, or $99.99 a year. Or you can buy single packs for much cheaper, at varying prices. It takes some time to see just how much Loopport has to offer, but if you like what you hear and you know you’ll be putting their premium sounds to good use, then the subscription is certainly worth it.

What I’m not so confident about is the site design. As I write this, it looks as though they aren’t finished setting it up for now, so I won’t get too deep into the layout, but it certainly needs quite a bit of work. The links are all text in vertical menus with submenus, as if it was just bare HTML showing up on the site’s front end. When you click a link, the top of the following page is just a blank white space, and it takes a minute for you to realize that you have to scroll down for a while – going past the same long menus of text links that I mentioned before – to get to the page you were looking for. The covers for the beat and loop packs are of decent designs, but they’re gargantuan, far bigger than they need to be. These are just a few observations of several that I’ve made, but as I said, it looks as though they’re not quite done with it yet. Once they polish up the design and color scheme they could have a decent loop business on their hands.

The quality of the sounds is the best part of Loopport, and since sound loops is what they’re selling I’d say they’re off to a good start. There’s something for everyone in this collection, whether you’re an amateur or more seasoned, so if you’ve been looking for some new bits and pieces to mess with I’d recommend heading over to and listening to what they’re providing.