Native Instruments: A Producers Guide

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As the digital music landscape becomes more and more complex, so do all of the tools that go along in creating it. Here we will feature one of today’s top brands and  most used by top DJ’s and electronic music producers, Native Instruments. The company’s goal is to develop cutting edge, fully-unified hardware and software for all music professionals. The end products push the technological envelope and open up the imagination for armatures and professional producers alike.

Music Production

Komplete is a bundle of  instruments and effects for all things music production. This includes sound design, instruments and special efx plugins to be used within your favorite DAW. You can choose from three bundles: Kompete 8 Ultimate, Komplete 8, and Komplete Elements. All of these bundles come in different sizes which make them great for any studio. Even if you’re not ready for a bundle, you can also purchase individual instruments and effects to create your own toolkit. They also integrate with Maschine and can be used right from within the browser. This brings us to the next product…


Maschine is a hardware and software music production system that integrates a drum machine, sequencer and sampler to form one incredible piece of studio equipment. It bridges the gap between hardware and digital with ease, giving you total control and an efficient workflow. With Maschine you can also control all of your external hardware, or switch to MIDI mode to control other software. Once you’re done, you can drop all of your audio and MIDI files right into your DAW to finalize your mix. It really can become the center of your entire studio. It’s even great to use as a controller for live performances – perfect for musicians.


Digital DJing

Traktor is DJ software that integrates USB soundcards and controllers into an all in-one DJ solution for at home or in the club. The beauty is that you can integrate Traktor into your current analog turntable or CDJ setup, or use it as a standalone solution to control all of your digital music files. You can control up to 4 decks at a time and include efx and EQ with the touch of a button. It’s the most trusted DJ software in the industry.

Traktor pro 2

Kontrol F1 is a hardware controller that allows you to control every aspects of your Traktor DJ setup. Load samples, control remix decks, and capture one shots with total ease and control. It’s a perfect add-on to any DJ console and will most certainly help beef up your live performances.


With so many options, and seamless integration, it’s no wonder that Native Instruments has been the go to for all electronic music DJ’s and producers worldwide.

To learn more check out Native Instruments.