New Creative Delays From Sinevibes and Unfiltered Audio

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This month sees the release of two interesting and affordable new delays from Sinevibes and Unfiltered Audio. Both work in very different ways and have a very different focus. And yet both could potentially be very useful tools in your creative arsenal. ‘Singularity’ is a ‘multi-effected’ delay that is available now as an AU plug-in from the Sinevibes website ($39). Singularity (pictured above) consists of four FX processors, connected in series. The first of these is a tempo-synced delay that is also capable of panning. The fun begins however, with the addition of further FX process to the delay tail. You can send the delay tail through up to three additional processes, and you have 22 of these individual effect processors to choose from. These processors range from the basic (low and high pass filters) too the much more interesting and creative (granulator, decimator, circuit-bent filter). The adjustable parameters are very clearly presented making this a fast tool to get your head around, and yet there are thousands of FX combinations available to you; you could end finding new ways to use this effect for quite some time.

Unfiltered Audio’s new offering is called ‘Sandman’ and is a completely different type of tool. Sandman is a delay that is focused around the creation of loops that can range from dreamlike atmospherics to stuttering glitch beats. It is available as either a VST or AU plug-in and is priced at $19.99. You can pick it up from the Unfiltered Audio website. One of the most interesting features of Sandman is it’s ‘Sleep mode’. This “freezes your delay buffer, creating locked loops. Loops can be further manipulated by changing the start and end points or manipulating the buffer size.” To get a feel for some of the kinds of sounds that can be created with this feature, take a look at the video above. A couple of other nice features include the ‘Dirt Switch’, which “adds some nastiness to the heart of the delay line for that extra-vintage feel” and the optional de-clicking algorithm, which allows you to smooth out your loops. Unfiltered Audio also suggest that “you can automate this algorithm’s state, giving you glitchy clicks and cuts when you want them.”

Singularity is available from the Sinevibes website now, priced at $39

Sandman is available from the Unfiltered Audio website now priced at $19.99