New Offerings From iZotope And Native Instruments

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October is seeing a few new big releases that are well worth taking a look at. iZotope are releasing Ozone 6 – the latest version of their mastering package, while Native Instruments have released Komplete 10 – a package that is approaching the status of an industry standard.

We haven’t yet been given a release date for Ozone 6, but if you have been thinking of investing in iZotope’s software, there is nothing to stop you doing so now. They are offering Ozone 5 for a cut-price $199 (it’s usually $249), and they are including a free upgrade to Ozone 6 whenever it does finally surface. One of the strengths of Ozone is that it has always had great presets that work well straight out of the box. Of course it’s normally necessary to go in to the program and tweak the settings slightly, but this has never been difficult. In Ozone 6, iZotope are promising a brand new interface that will make this process even easier; a “workflow centred around creativity”. Whatever Ozone 6 looks like (and you can take a look at a video below that gives a few things away), it is certain to sound great if the previous version is anything to go by. Of course, you can’t beat a professional mastering service, but Ozone has always represented very good value and it is a useful tool to have at your disposal.

Native Instruments’ Komplete 10 is out now and priced at $499, or $999 for Komplete 10 Ultimate. As well as the latest versions of the NI software instruments and FX you are probably already familiar with (Massive, Kontakt, Reaktor, Guitar Rig etc.) there are a few new instruments included as well. This means you now get 39 products in total – over 130gb of instruments and FX.

The new synths included in the package include ‘Rounds’ and ‘Polyplex’, and there are three new pianos in there as well (forming part of what NI are calling ‘The Definitive Piano Collection’). Rounds is a Reaktor based synth built for advanced sequencing, with an emphasis on real-time performance; you are given plenty of options for “morphing your sound palette” on the fly. Polyplex is an eight-part drum sampler. One interesting feature is the ability to randomize your drum kits; this could lead to some interesting creative decisions. There are also some nice layering features – very useful for electronic music. You can layer up to four samples in each of the eight slots in the drum machine, and you have the ability to tweak all of these.

The NI sampled piano offerings had become a little dated, so this is a timely update. As part of Komplete 10, you are offered ‘The Grandeur” – sampled from a Steinway model D, “The Maverick” – sampled from a 1905 concert grand made for the Prince of Prussia, and packing bags of character, and “The Gentleman” – sampled from a vintage 1908 upright. Take a look at some of these instruments here:

iZotope Ozone 5 (with a free upgrade to version 6) – $199
NI Komplete 10 – $499
NI Komplete 10 Ultimate – $999