Orbital SFX Massive Presets Review

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Mode Audio has dropped a preset pack for Massive, complete with 50 interesting sounds that boast a variety of textures and applications. For the most part, these are atmospheric sound effects that are ideal for expanding the space in your mixes and working on transitions between parts of your tracks, but they’re versatile enough to be used in many different ways. For the most part these are very robotic, industrial, and futuristic sounds that would sound great in most styles of electronic music.

The presets are organized into 7 categories. Let’s take a look at each.

BLEEP: This has some interesting chirps and beeps that could be used as tinny percussion layers, especially since they’re coated with reverb.

EXP: Here we have some blaring bassy hits that are huge and crushing like the pistons of a gigantic machine. Reverb-heavy stomping kicks and pummelling bass hits dominate this section.

FALL: These are excellent sounds that would work very well for build-ups leading into insane drops or sprinkled throughout a track to give it a science fiction type of vibe. The “Sputterer” and “Tropical Heat” in particular have great potential.

HIT: In this section there are some raw and noisy sounds that would be right at home in any kind of booming club banger, whether it’s techno, trap, dubstep, or anything else. “LieutenantLazer” and “RingsOfCrystal” are especially nasty.

REV: Sounds in this section build and build until reaching peak volume and intensity right at the end, creating powerful tension that can lead into some crazy drops. This is great for any style of music really, and they’ll really help you make some interesting transition arrangements to flow from one part to another. All of these are interesting in their own way, depending on the mood and feel of your track and how you want the listeners to feel as you move into the next atmosphere. “MoonRising” and “Spaghetti” were particularly interesting.

RISE: These are very interesting textures that seem like they would work really well in some deep techno or trap beats. Dissonant and gritty noises that could be sequenced to make some harsh yet danceable grooves. I especially like “CheekyChap”, “FunnyBalloon”, “OfTheAges”, and “SnowyCaps”.

SUB: This might be the best category of them all; these are percussive wobbles which have mostly mid-range attack that ends in sub-bass throbs. They could provide some interesting lead loops for any type of mechanical beats. I like all of these quite a bit, but “BeeHive” is very abrasive and interesting, while “SwimWithFishes” is a bit more relaxed yet still has tons of worthwhile applications.

This is a decent group of sonic textures for producers to work with, and certainly a worthy addition to your Massive preset collection. As usual, the audio quality of the Massive synth allows these presets to sound very clear and powerful, and are fully customizable through the VST’s interface. If you’re looking for something different to work with – other than leads, pads and bass – then this is definitely worth checking out. These sounds are likely to give you some new ideas and get you working on exciting new tracks.