Radical Piano For Reason

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With Radical Piano you can do things that are otherwise impossible.

Do you wish your close mic’d grand piano sounded just a little bit more like a vintage mono upright piano? Use the microphone blend to create a hybrid sound. Route audio, like a vocal, through the jacks on the back of Radical Piano to hear it resonate the strings as if you had recorded piano and vocals together live, in the same room. What if with the turn of a knob you could transform the tonal characteristics of your piano, shifting from a soft intimate performance to a bright aggressive instrument that will cut through your mix? We’ve got that knob and it’s called “Character.”


  • Three pianos: Home Grand, Deluxe Grand, and Upright
  • Choose a blend of vintage mono, ambience, floor, jazz and close mics
  • Go from horror movie soundtrack to sharp cut-through-the-mix piano with the Subdued and Agitated Character settings
  • Adjustable velocity response puts you in control of the performance — play quietly or with exaggerated dynamics
  • Set the amount of resonance, and key and pedal noises you want for a natural or surgically clean sound
  • The built-in EQ, reverb and compressor lets you tweak your sound further to sit perfectly in the mix
  • Tons of preset sounds included — Pianos for every situation and every song

Radical Piano is now available for $99.