Waves Mashup

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Anyone that’s familiar with the professional recording space has definitely heard of WAVES. They make powerful plugins that are used in almost every modern recording studio these days. As a novice DJ myself, you can see why I was excited to see Mashup.

Main Features:

  • Superior sounding 2-channel stereo mixer with up to +6 db gain per mixing channel
  • Beautifully designed and intuitive mixer user interface with quick access to music, EQ, filter, loops and more..
  • Tempo change with real time time-stretching for each channel
  • Pitch-shift for each channel
  • Robust 3-band EQ per channel
  • Resonant Filters – one high-pass and/or low-pass filter with adjustable resonance per channel, using a unique touch ribbon interface
  • iPad music library instant playback – instantly play any track from your device
  • DJ with headphones. Run Mashup on an iPhone or an iPod Touch and connecting it with your – iPad using WiFi or Bluetooth
  • Free mixable music downloads from major dance music artists
  • A robust music library with multiple playlists and quick loading to the mixer
  • Realistic, noise-free scratching
  • Record your mixes in stereo to an uncompressed audio file and copy the file to your computer to editing, further mixing and sharing
  • Premium Feature – MAXX, a sophisticaed algorithm to enhance sound for different environments

At $40, it’s certainly not cheap, but at the same time a very powerful app for anyone who wants professional grade DJ software for IOS. Besides, it’s a lot cheaper than buying turntables or CDJ’s and still just as fun.

Designed for the iPad 2, the new iPad, and iPhone/iPod Touch.


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