Sample Magic Drum Hits

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More than six months in the making, SM34 Drum Hits contains over 1300 painstakingly crafted kicks, snares, claps, hats, crashes, percussion hits, slams, vintage live kit hits and cymbal FX designed for use in virtually every genre of dance music production.

With seven of Sample Magic’s leading sound designers working on their respective genres, SM34 Drum Hits stands as an essential arsenal of supremely crafted samples to form the backbeat of every genre from house and techno, electro to progressive, dubstep, chillout to chillwave, nu-disco and beyond.

With ease of use at its heart, each hit type is subdivided into as many as seven descriptive sub folders to make finding the hits you want a breeze. Drum Hits also boasts more than 20 custom- programmed genre-focussed drum kit patches for all major DAWs, including Battery, Kong, NN-XT, EXS24 and NN-XT.

Sculpted for maximum character, width and punch, beats don’t get bigger than this.


What’s in the collection?

Kicks > 260+ punchy kicks, slammin’ subs and chunky thuds to kickstart the groove, all subdivided into subby, layered, live and mid-range folders for total ease of use.

Snares > 280+ crisp, clear and crunchy snares in an assortment of flavours, from live and vintage-infused to slick and synthetic via layered and loaded.

Percussion > 330+ percussion palette loaded with clicks and sticks, FXed bleeps, squeals and winds, digitised glitches and twitches, futuristic nu-perc hits, lush organic shakers, live and drum machine toms plus stacks of authentic tuned and tribal percussive one-shots for complex beat building.

Hats > 209 closed hi-hats (divided into tight and loose folders) and 117 open hi-hats (in long and short length folders) taken from live, machine and digital sources.

Claps > clap/snare combos, tight hi-end slaps, ultra- wide layered claps, loose live claps and synthetic claps.

Cymbals > clamourous crashes, raucous rides and FX- dipped cymbals: the perfect beat transitions.

Drum Kits > 22 genre-based kits covering house, techno, progressive, disco/funk, chillwave, chillout, electro, dubstep, tech-house and indie-dance. Each kit contains between 10 and 19 carefully selected hits to get you making big beats in minutes.

Drum Hit Patches > Dedicated banks of kicks, claps, cymbals, hats, percussion snares to make sample browsing a cinch.

All samples are presented in industry-standard 24-bit Wav quality for use in all Wav compatible samplers and DAWs.