Sample Magic presents the Essential Chill

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Sample Magic presents the Essential Chill sample pack collection. This is a nice collection of samples for producing chill and downtempo tracks.

Fading sunshine, Polaroid memories and neon starbursts. These form the visual backdrops to Chillwave, a 1.12GB offering of lo-fi melodics, beach-hazed beats and tape-saturated music loops combining elements of synth-pop, chillout, indie and nu-wave into this definitive chilwave collection.

Sample replay guru Hal Ritson and drummer Alex Reeves are the creative forces behind this collection of 101 all-original classic breaks featuring an unrivalled attention to studio detail to capture the raw sound of 60s and 70s breakbeats. Ideal for chillout, lounge and downtempo productions.

1.58GB of the deepest cinematic moods and ambiences for chillout and soundtrack producers, packed with trembling textures, Vangelis-soundscapes, sultry keys, ambient guitars, cracked percussion, dark operatics and delayed city atmospheres from celebrated motion picture composer James Johnson