Sleepless by Flume

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If Flume were Sydney, Australia’s only electronic musician to break into the American Music stream…the world would be a happier place. With Jezzabell Doran featuring on the track. Giving her voice to the granted exception of Flume’s given talents, it is a much added appreciation. He has grabbed the attention of such experienced ears as Triple J and XLR8R, only with in a sudden year. Now with some stories about how certain musicians fell into the music production cycle can either be a bit boring or they were exposed from birth. Flume got his start at the young age of 13 by following the instructions of a music program on the back of a cereal box. Of all things, right. And from their the nack for wanting to learn all the plug-ins, loops and synths that could fill only our dreams of a populated sort of paradise, which could only exist to us.

Sleepless is Flume’s first EP, giving a similar feel to Flying Lotus. Using the nature of everyday sounds and a pushing for the ones we seek out like a troublesome child. With a schedule so busy, it’s a wonder if he finds any time at all to just lay down some beats for leisure time.

While he is referred as a pop wave, coming in full force from the country of Australia. The underscore of nurtured longing, fleeting from his fingers that touch the instruments that compose the beats. Take a listen and see what you hear. It’ll leave you not only in a happier mood but a ethereal opinion towards a greatly added musician to the electronic mindset.