The Slick Faderfox

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This one may take the prize. Faderfox has unveiled what they’ve called the “Swiss army knives of controllers.” The MIDI controller can morph into the universal substitute for any Mac, PC or iPad. With the roll call of 136 coming out as the total sum of the control parameters. Each one is individually programed. And the fans of Ableton Live 8, please check this sweet new trick out. The Faderfox UC3 comes with the surface script for the Ableton program. As the evenly divided tablet like phantom graces the photo above makes it look like a piece of cake to operate. Handing in 16 different types of setups with backup functionality. Eight faders, 8 more encoders made into this hand held design. And not just a few but all controls are fully operated by ‘device by channel, type, number and mode.’ Now if you plan on using this baby with your iPad remember to make sure yours has iOS5 or higher.

If this doesn’t start littering around the stages of ingenious performances then obviously those individuals have not heard about it. So tell them. Even remotely priced at a far amount, I thought it would at least cost a pretty penny and an arm but at 169 euros. Your hands could be holding this within a months span.

Another fun fact with the Ableton Live 3 script that comes along with the Faderfox, you can use two UC3 devices to control all at the same time 16 tracks. Wrap your little mind around that number. Go out and learn how to use this universal fox.