Best Audio Interface: Top 5 Audio Interfaces Under $1000

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4 – Avid MBox and ProTools Express – $239

Another great bundle to consider, the MBox comes with ProTools Express, another powerful DAW that has most of the same features as the full version, including 30 plugins and the ability to work with up to 16 tracks per project. Its resolution maximum is 24/96 and it comes with several kinds of audio drivers for varied functionality.

This product will especially appeal to guitarists and bassists because it has a built-in tuner, helping you sound as good as possible before you start recording. It also has a multifunction button that lets you cue up some of ProTools’ features quickly and easily. It has 2 jack inputs and a headphone jack in the front, two XLR inputs in the back, as well as jacks for monitors and S/PDIF connections.

A bit pricier than the Scarlett 2i2, but certainly worth it if you’d put its features to good use. This one is great for bands or producers gearing up to record vocals or live instrumentation for their tracks.