Best Audio Interface: Top 5 Audio Interfaces Under $1000

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3 – Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 – $229

I mention this company pretty often, but I can’t help it – these guys are wizards of audio gadgetry. From the Maschine to the Komplete Kontrol keyboards to their many innovative digital instruments and sample packs, Native Instruments is a proven heavyweight in the world of electronic music.

That being said, this interface isn’t exactly feature-heavy, but it is a powerful little machine that’ll unlock plenty of possibilities for you. It comes with 2 XLR inputs in the front, 2 input jacks in the back, 2 outputs, MIDI in and out, and a recording quality of up to 24/96. It has Cirrus Logic converters and quality preamps that give your recordings top-notch quality.

The Audio 6 comes with Komplete Elements, a compilation of sounds and effects that you can use to start banging out tunes. It comes with Traktor LE for the DJs and Cubase LE for the producers, as well as an e-voucher worth $30 for the Native Instruments online shop, where you can buy more sample packs and all kinds of other stuff.

Native Instruments makes some of the most forward-thinking and versatile tools for music producers of all skill levels, so you might just want to get your hands on this!