Top 6 Headphones For Skiers and Snowboarders

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Whether they’re slowly winding themselves down a gentle run or bombing down a quick slope, everyone enjoys listening to their favourite songs while skiing or snowboarding. However, there always seems to be an issue with finding the right headphones for the sport – especially with such a wide variety of styles, models and types to choose from.

Here we take a look at our top six headphones for the snow.

1.     SkullCandy 50/50

The perfect in-ear solution for those that enjoy skiing or snowboarding with discrete headphones, these come in a variety of colours, are hard-wearing and durable and boast a good sound quality compared to other similar headphones. SkullCandy have made a bit of a name for themselves in the extreme sports market and are favoured by skiers and snowboarders around the globe.

2.     Sony S2 Sports Behind the Neck Headphones

Renowned for staying on no matter what, these headphones are a great choice for anyone that throws themselves around the slopes. Comfortable and hard-wearing, these will be found around the ears of BMX and Skate enthusiasts as well those based on the snow.

3.     Bang & Olufsen A8 Earphones

These beautiful and spectacularly designed earphones were created to fit the individual contours and curves of the ear, making them an absolute delight to wear. Made from anodised aluminium and tough rubber, the earphones are definitely sturdy and sleek.

Though the manufacturer doesn’t advertise them as indestructible, they certainly look and feel as if they could take a beating. Being able to adjust them to fit your ear perfectly is a good touch and the sound is as good as you’ll get in any other in-ear earphone.

4.     Koss PortaPro

You can tell that these fantastic headphones are a labour of love for Koss and a huge amount of their impressive music knowledge has gone into perfecting them. One of the only pairs of on-ear headphones that are going to fit under a helmet while you’re skiing, they give off a great sound and are loud enough to be heard even when you’re hurtling down the slopes.

5.     Philips SHJ020 Nike Flight Neckband Headphones

Originally designed, as the model name suggests, for use on flights, more and more extreme sports enthusiasts seem to be adopting these great headphones. They offer ease of use, particularly when wearing a helmet, are lightweight and look fantastic when being worn.

Though you may experience more trouble with keeping them on if you’re not wearing a helmet, they’re a solid bet for the slopes. Skiers and snowboarders have plenty of time for these headphones which allow your winter sport adventures to be set to your own personal soundtrack.

6.     Motorola S9 Active Bluetooth Headphones

If you don’t like the feeling of having wires running everywhere when you ski, then Bluetooth headphones are probably the perfect set for you. Designed specifically for those who lead an active life, they are renowned for brilliant sound quality and comfort.

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