Top Audio Engineering Schools

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The Top Audio Engineering Schools sae_logo_blue(1)

If you’re looking to go to an audio engineering school, you certainly will have a lot of options in front of you. It’s really important that you make the right decision from the start because many of the schools vary in terms of curriculum. Audio engineering mainly centers around applications of sound which then can be used for TV, music, advertising and of course, film.

For individuals who are interested in learning about sound recording, mixing, synchronizing, etc. It’s best to go to a formal school in one of the best audio engineering schools in the country.

Typically, there are nine-month or so courses at these schools, and a lot of audio engineers try to work as freelancers in the music industry while they’re attending these programs. A few of these audio engineering schools even provide job placement assistance after graduation. However, most students are able to land internships while they are studying.

The Best Music Engineering School in California

The Musicians Institute found in Hollywood is probably one of the top music engineering schools in the State of California. It’s hands-on approach when it comes to teaching the basics of audio engineering sets it apart from the rest. Their 9-month long program combines both filed and in the classroom training. They don’t offer job placement, but they do keep an Alumni database, which they use to point new graduates in the right direction. They also offer scholarships.

 The Top Audio Engineering School in New York

One of the most talked about audio engineering schools talked about in New York is SAE Institute. Here, students are also required to complete a 9-month course, which again combines in the field and in classroom training. One of the main advantages SAE has over other schools is that it offers job assistance upon graduation. They also assign career managers for their students once they enroll. The career manager guides students across the audio engineering landscape and helps them attain their goals. Again, students here can apply for internships during the course to help them get their foot in the door. This of course is a great way to stay ahead of the game. The more experience you have during your college days, the more chances you have in landing a good audio engineering job in the future.

SAE provides financial assistance, but does not offer scholarships.