Ueberschall Dubstep Destruction Now Available

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Ueberschall’s Dubstep Destruction is a new Elastik Soundbank. We’ve always have been big fans of these Elastik Soudbanks, so naturally, we jumped on this. It includes construction kits with “brute beats, massive synths, ultra-phat basses and weird sound FX”.

Dubstep Destruction displays the genre’s aggressive aspects. Here, punchy beats, booming wobble-basses, synth-lines and sound effects are even harder than dubstep’s predominant raw standards. To keep the tracks flowing and danceable, Ueberschall added relaxed synth-lines in ragga-style and MC-vocals to the library.

This 950 MB library consists of ten construction kits with a total of 721 loops. Each kit contains five subfolders with a main kit that unites all loops and sounds of the main theme. In addition, there are variations of the main kit.

Like in other Ueberschall products, the drums are available as a complete sub mix and as single tracks for kick, snare, hi-hat, claps, cymbals and synthesized percussions. The latter allow building individual mixes and being able to select and exchange sounds across multiple kits. This system allows easy combination of drum elements across different Elastik-libraries.

The instrument tracks contain ground-shaking sub-basses, booming wobble-basslines, weird synthesizers, ragga-vocals, atmospheric chords and pads as well as eccentric sound effects. As a bonus, Dubstep Destruction also offers 37 basslines, 80 lead-sounds and 69 sound effects.

Thanks to the included Elastik Player’s straightforward browser, the library’s loops as well as all other installed Elastik-libraries are accessible within seconds. Thanks to zplane.development’s “élastique pro” algorithm, tempo and pitch are also matched fast and at highest quality. With a broad range of time-stretching between 30 and 300 BPM, half-tempo and double-tempo-beats are not a problem.

Modern styles such as dubstep can utilize Elastik’s enormous sound design potential by using functions like resample, formant, reverse, loop start- and end-positions that can be modulated as well as a powerful 72dB multi-mode-filter. By automating the sound parameters, any loop can be varied significantly for multiple uses. And by adding granular loops, you will easily create countless new glitches, wobbles, filter- and cutting effects. At the same time, Elastik player will hardly affect your CPU-load.