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Gaming experiences wouldn’t be complete without their sound effects and soundtracks. These auditory additions get players hooked and set the ambience of every game scene or level.

But just how do artists create that perfect blend of audio combinations, which are just as important as other aspects of the game?


Artists, at times, find themselves with very little or even nothing to work with, but this doesn’t stop their passion for music. Just like how scientists perform experiments to gather data and results, artists apply experiments as well.

Since the advent of video games, electronic sounds and music have been accompanying game titles across every console available.

Experimenting with electronic sounds produced music, which was used on games that are part of pop culture today. A previous post on Soundista cited some great soundtracks which were inspired by electronic music. It included tracks from Donkey Kong, Silent Hill, and Tekken, among others.

Koji Kondo, the man behind iconic music from Mario and Legend of Zelda games, also did a lot of experimentation. Gaming news outlet Polygon published an interview with the renowned game composer, and the artist talked about his unusual sources of inspiration, along with collaborations, which resulted in his musical masterpieces.


Real Life Recording

Sometimes, you just can’t quite get that tune or sound you are looking for straightaway in the studio. What artists do is they go out and record sounds from real life objects or places, and reproduce them afterwards through the aid of electronic equipment.

Tech and music resource Create Digital Music posted the experiences of Ben Long on how he created music for the game Backflip Slots. Long stated, “For the menu ambience in Backflip Slots, I visited a casino here in Colorado and brought along my Zoom H4 handheld recorder to capture the casino soundscape.”

Now, similar sounds and tunes can be heard in various mobile versions of games, through platforms such as Gala Bingo, which has a long list of commercial titles amidst its roster of games, as well as traditional classics like Roulette, numerous themed slots aside and varying bingo adaptations. You can hear effects, from the small ball rolling on the roulette table to the lifelike mechanisms of the slot machines, all at the same time with catchy music that gives you that casino vibe.

These two ways are just a couple of methods employed by video game composers; methods that are not so different with what other kinds of music artists use. The only difference is the amazing experience that music delivers to players of various game titles, due to the feelings evoked by the tracks each player hears through the creations of these sound designers and composers.