Maschine 2.3 Released With An Assortment Of Free Stuff

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Native Instruments released one hell of an update last week: not only did they make a slew of technical improvements to their DAW, they’re also giving away 6 powerful software instruments that are just a handful of the audio-toys in their Komplete lineup, in a version they call Komplete Select. You’ll be able to play them in the Komplete Select program or right through Maschine 2. If you’re a registered Maschine 2 user then you can take advantage of this excellent opportunity right away.

The Komplete Select lineup consists of the following instruments:

Monark: A versatile mono synth that’s perfect for making leads and basslines, boasting a strong analog sound and an easy-to-use interface.

The Gentleman: A vintage upright piano program with plenty of parameters to tweak, providing a warm organic sound that will quickly become your go-to software piano.

Drumlab: For creating your own live drum kits, altering each sample to get just the right amount of punch, snap and depth you’re looking for. Also comes with over 900 drum patterns and fills in all sorts of genres, so there’s tons to explore.

Retro Machines: This program contains 16 digital recreations of legendary analog synthesizers from the 70s and 80s, painstakingly reproduced to give you an accurate representation of these classic instruments. It’s old-school flavor in a sleek, modern interface.

Vintage Organs: This collection is a throwback to the old combo organs from the 60s and 70s that helped usher in the age of electronic music, used in some of the most well-known songs from this enormously influential time in music history. Yes, the Hammond B3 is included!

West Africa: A remarkable collection of West African instruments both percussive and melodic, where you can play each one on its own or create your own section of African instrumentation to give your beats a worldly edge.

They’ve also made some new additions to Maschine 2’s Drum Synth selection, adding a crash and a hi-hat engine to accompany the rest. There are new options for the snare and tom engines as well, including the Breaker snare that allows you to fine-tune your analog snare sounds, and a high tom variant with a wide range of possibilities.

There are new presets, effects and a variety of improvements, so take a look to see everything that the new update will bring you.

This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on, so if you own Maschine 2 be sure to grab it – and if you were considering getting this software, now would be the best time to do so, since you’ll be getting a whole lot more bang for your buck!