Mode Audio Future Trap Preset Pack Review

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Mode Audio has done it again with this great assortment of goodies to add to your sound wave arsenal. In Future Trap they’ve set out to supply you with a blueprint for trap music, hooking you up with some defining sounds of the style so you can churn out some true bangers. These are a great addition to anyone’s sound bank, whether you haven’t worked on any trap yet or are a veteran looking for some new grit to get you inspired.

This pack gives you a plethora of sounds that range from nasal squelching to throbbing to blaring, usually coated thick with reverb to create that dissociated atmosphere that makes trap such a trip to listen to. Some of the sounds are melodic, while others are the strange blips and wobbling wails that trap is so well known for, helping you create those rhythmic patterns that get the dancefloor writhing. Assemble some drums, throw in some vocal samples and lather it all in effects galore and you have everything you need to start trappin’ with the best of them.

One of the main highlights of this pack are the bass sounds. A bunch of them have that sliding pitch bend we hear in plenty of bangers like in TNGHT’s “Goooo,” and although they all have the same tone and seem to be only slight variations of it, they all certainly work for the style they’re made for. None of them really work as actual bass sounds, but they’re the lowest frequencies in this pack, and in trap music, there doesn’t always have to be low end sounds other than a deep sub kick. Regardless of tone and diversity these sounds are mainstays of the style and are just what you need to get acquainted with its trappings (no pun intended).

The lead sounds definitely steal the show here. They offer much more variety in texture and are all presets you’re likely to use if you really get into this style. Just like the bass sounds, these are very typical of the genre and will make it easy for you to start making trap tunes of your own. I don’t think I need to point out any of them in particular because it’s really all of them that work well. For those killer drops that will make heads explode you’ll want to bring in one or two of these leads. Tweaking them with some extra effects, LFO toggles and tone shifts will help you personalize them and generate some of your own interpretations of the trap sound.

Worthy of honorable mention are the SFX and synth presets, although I would’ve liked to hear a few sweeps in there to balance them out. With these you get some interesting percussive textures that are just as useful in crafting great tracks as any of the others, although maybe not as varied or intriguing as the leads. Still, since they’re presets these are awesome starting points to work with while you fiddle around with knobs and parameters to get the types of sounds you really want to throw in.

Overall this is a great group of presets for anybody looking to get more into this style. I think these sounds are applicable to all kinds of electronic music, if you want to add a dash of trap flavor on top of beats pertaining to other genres, so it’s definitely a pack I’d recommend checking out.

If you need some more inspiration for getting started with trap you can check out this DJ mix, and look around on YouTube for plenty of other mixes, as there’s a lot of stuff out there that will give you ideas on how to push the style in different directions.